Reach customers, not bots!

Brand Protection

Optimal Fusion's suite of fraud protection tools cultivates a brand-safe environment through which marketers can reach their desired audience and avoid bots, non-human activity, forced clicks, fraud, and unseen impressions.

In addition, Optimal Fusion and the Fuze360 Audience Platform come with internally managed IP reputation monitoring, blocking, and blacklisting, and are integrated with industry leading fraud protection services including DoubleVerify, Forensiq, Anura and Experian.


Why buy an impression that no one sees when you can buy the post view activity instead?

Performance driven campaigns, with branding caliber viewability. Unique ability to deliver direct response actions with above average viewability standards.

Flexible payment models based on post click/view KPI's as opposed to traditional impression-based deployment.

Target the consumer rather than the impression through multi-screen device-based responsiveness.