Reach Consumers

Our data-driven insights developed through custom surveys and proprietary creative options lead to targeted consumer engagement with a results-based pricing model.

Pay for results rather than just impressions

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Start with your KPIs and work backwards with your outcome already guaranteed. Don’t just buy impressions, buy results!

Risk free outcome-based pricing models

Offering conversion-based pricing dynamically optimized to meet your KPI goals. Our direct response platform leverages data to deliver pricing based on conversions, leads, and actions. Traditional impression-based campaigns leave much of the risk with the advertiser, while our flexible pricing options offer reduced risk models where you only pay for results

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Endemic micro-targeting

Target users immediately after specific actions, or self-reported data points are collected without the use of cookies. Alleviate privacy concerns by tapping into endemic placements and targeting in-session, rather than retargeting users across apps and sites.

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Coordinated influencer targeting and sponsorship experiences

Integrate social, newsletter, and display into a single campaign reaching users with multiple touchpoints. Harness bloggers’ audience through multiple mediums with coordinated messages created to drive conversions across all available media types.

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First and second-party audience targeting

Third-party data is dead, and cookies are being degraded. Tap into our exclusive first-party data segments, and customized survey insights. Power your lead generation campaigns with proprietary first-party and second-party data only available through Optimal Fusion’s campaigns.

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Proprietary native Ad units

Unique instream content-based ads and engagements. Exclusive formats including gamified ad experiences, sponsored content deployment, and eye-catching creatives.

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Content Syndication

Tap into our blogger network with sponsored content delivered through unique native placements. Deploy your own content or utilize customized blogger content written for your brand with strong calls to action with the goal of driving conversions.

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Optimal Fusion's renowned complimentary Wrap-up Reports

Compiled monthly or quarterly, our reports offer creative and quantitative insights chock full of data and actionable findings. These campaign insights unlock unique niche findings based on user behavior and audience interests which many times go unnoticed by traditional reporting.

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Affiliate marketing campaign management

For over a decade, Optimal Fusion has created bespoke affiliate programs. From development to deployment and day to day management, our affiliate team will manage all aspects of your affiliate program including initial setup, brand protection, fraud monitoring, billing, and optimization. Stress-free campaign development with decades of experience in driving results.

Data Protection

Data Verification

Data quality can make or break a demand generation campaign; marketing campaigns are only as strong as the data powering them. Optimal Fusion provides proprietary data validation, security, and campaign optimization delivering validity, compliance, and deep insights into data records and user engagements.