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Optimal Fusion Merges Sponsored Content and Results-Based Advertising With the Launch of ContentCard

Optimal Fusion Goes All Instream With Fuze360

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 - Optimal Fusion, a leader in digital advertising solutions, announced the launch of Fuze360, a high-impact advertising platform focused on viewability and engagement through instream banner takeovers. By combining multiple high-impact ad formats including video, IAB display, unique content-style “cards,” in-page data forms, and a host of viewability boosting tools into a single native user experience, Fuze360 engages readers in-content rather than in traditional ad slots, while driving above average post-view performance.

Fuze360 was designed to drive conversions rather than simply deliver passive impression views. With the rapid growth and subsequent rebalancing of the programmatic ad buying landscape, Fuze360 fills a unique position with its ability to execute programmatic buys along with custom high-impact roadblocks and takeovers which are traditionally unavailable in a programmatic setup.

“The goal is to deliver superior post-view actions based on aggressive advertiser goals, ”CEO Joel Bess said. “Fuze360 not only delivers increased viewabilty for marketers, but has also proven that engaging readers with multiple advertising formats instream leads to increased click-through-rates, conversions, and ultimately an ROI lift.”

Highlights for advertisers include:

Fuze360 Advertiser Benefits

  • Guaranteed viewable impressions by design
  • 100% instream SOV through unique in-content takeovers
  • Multi-layer fraud protection
  • First-party data targeting
  • Premium publisher marketplace
  • Proprietary fully-customizable ad formats
  • Publisher hosted in-page data collection forms
  • Easily integrated with programmatic platforms and buyers
  • Fully responsive to all screens

Fuze360 has quietly been in beta since January, and preliminarily focused on promoting a number of high-profile entertainment, health, and CPG brands across inventory within blogs, niche communities, and independent publishers. More recently, the company began an aggressive rollout to premium publishers, while also opening the platform up to a handful of brands that have existing relationships with parent company Optimal Fusion.

Joe Fullmer, Director of Media and Acquisition at Dr. Oz founded ShareCare Inc., one of the first advertisers to take advantage of Fuze360 says: “Optimal Fusion’s Fuze360 platform has allowed our app install campaign to achieve a high level scalability and user engagement, while maintaining efficient cost metrics.” Fuze360 offers a variable pricing model based on marketers’ specific performance goals, resulting in the ability to price each engagement point at a different rate based on the brand’s ultimate goals.

The platform offers advertisers guaranteed viewable impressions with its proprietary ViewCard technology only serving when a reader is in-view. In addition, marketers have the choice of traditional IAB ad units, pre-roll or embedded video, CRM building in-page data forms, custom and rising star units, and the ultimate combination of these brand response tools billed as BrandBoost.

Zack Brown, Vice President of Optimal Fusion says: “The feedback we were getting from advertisers was that as much as they love executing programmatic buys because the process is so simple, they aren’t quite getting the backend metrics they are promised, and when they do, there’s just not enough scale. You may have an advertiser who is trying to drive awareness through video, but they are also looking to drive app installs, and build their CRM database along with driving sales as the ultimate goal.

With the push towards a programmatic-based landscape, media planners are frequently being pigeonholed into pricing all of these activities at the same rate and/or not having the flexibility to drive multiple touch points in a single campaign execution like they can with Fuze360.”

About Optimal Fusion

Founded in 2005, Optimal Fusion is a Los Angeles based performance-driven integrated media company utilizing exclusive properties and platforms to link brands and consumers through targeted marketing solutions. Pairing proprietary audience targeting technology with first-party data, and a portfolio of proprietary properties and platforms, Optimal Fusion cultivates a brand-safe environment perfectly situated to target the most relevant consumers.

About Fuze360

Launched in January 2016 as a unique instream ad platform, Fuze360 is reimaging the traditional “banner roadblock” with the ability to offer guaranteed viewability along with 100% share-of-voice instream utilizing multiple ad formats in a single execution. Fuze360 harnesses unique multi-screen ad formats, publisher tools to increase impression quality, and a whole new way to engage consumers through branded experiences.

SOURCE: Optimal Fusion