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Optimal Fusion Goes All Instream With Fuze360

Optimal Fusion Merges Sponsored Content and Results-Based Advertising With the Launch of ContentCard

LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 -- Optimal Fusion, a leader in digital advertising solutions, today merged sponsored content and result-based advertising with the launch of a brand-new advertising solution called ContentCard.

ContentCard is the newest feature of Fuze360, the company’s native advertising platform, which launched in January and has achieved strong results for Fortune 500 clients.

For the first time, advertisers will be able to easily reach thousands of websites and influencers with a contextually relevant sponsored article through a single platform.

 “We created ContentCard after realizing that our clients’ struggles were widespread across the industry and could be addressed,” said Vice President of Optimal Fusion Zack Brown.  “Currently, if you want to reach thousands of sites and influencers with a sponsored article, it has to be done manually and through many vendors or it has to be paid on a cost-per-click and driven to the brand’s site.  Our goal is to open up the sponsored content sector similarly to what programmatic did for display banners. “    

ContentCard combines traditional IAB ad units with custom advertorials and handpicked relevant content with scale.  This will appear between paragraphs instream or on side rails, giving brands the opportunity to tell a story along with their traditional banner units. 

ContentCard builds on the robust existing offerings of Fuze360 which was designed to drive conversions and post-view activities rather than simply delivering passive impressions. With the rapid growth and subsequent rebalancing of the programmatic ad buying landscape, Fuze360 fills a unique position with its ability to execute programmatic buys along with backend KPI guarantees, and unique customized ads.  

To guarantee performance and viewability, the platform offers advertisers guaranteed viewable impressions with its proprietary ViewCard technology only serving impressions when a reader is in-view. Pairing ViewCard technology with ContentCard, Fuze360 will delay the banner from loading until the user is currently in-view of the content taking things even further by guaranteeing both content and banner viewability for a single price.   

“When you’re in the business of guaranteeing results to your clients, and we are, you need to find unique ways to engage users that will lead to more clicks, more actions, and ultimately more conversions,” said President of Optimal Fusion Joel Bess. “Many of our publishers represent niche communities and content and the goal was to use this to our advantage in terms of proving to our clients that more can be expected of a platform then just impressions.” 

From a publishers’ standpoint, because advertisers are generally open to paying higher CPM rates for content-relevant placements, ContentCard increases average CPM rates substantially by creating targeted inventory within publishers’ sites.   


About Optimal Fusion

Founded in 2006, Optimal Fusion is a Los Angeles based performance-driven integrated media company utilizing exclusive properties and platforms to link brands and consumers through targeted marketing solutions. Pairing proprietary audience targeting technology with first-party data, and a portfolio of proprietary properties and platforms, Optimal Fusion cultivates a brand-safe environment perfectly situated to target the most relevant

About Fuze360

Fuze360 is the recently launched signature offering from Optimal Fusion. The first-of-its-kind native-instream ad platform has effectively eliminated risk by contractually guaranteeing KPIs and backend results customized for each client in advance. In a short time, the platform has achieved unparalleled success for a wide range of small, mid-size and Fortune 500 clients including Disney, Microsoft, and Honest Company.

Fuze360 is reimaging the traditional “banner roadblock” with the ability to offer guaranteed viewability along with 100% share-of-voice instream utilizing multiple ad formats in a single execution. Fuze360 harnesses unique multi-screen ad formats, publisher tools to increase impression quality, and a whole new way to engage consumers through branded experiences.