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Optimal Fusion Helps Chicago Nonprofit to Expand Mission in Los Angeles

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (June 2018) – Since 2009, The Holiday Heroes have provided pediatric patients in critical and long-term care some temporary relief from their adverse situations via hospital parties all throughout Chicagoland. This week, the organization is set to formally announce the expansion of their impact to the greater Los Angeles area.

Through the support of leading integrated media company, Optimal Fusion, The Holiday Heroes are slated to reach over 25% more children and their families in 2018 than any of the previous years. As the premiere sponsor of the Los Angeles expansion efforts, Optimal Fusion has not only donated a significant sum of money but has made a commitment to contribute to fundraising efforts, provide volunteers at hospitals, and host production parties that encourage community participation.

Fueling this initiative is Joel Bess, CEO, and Zack Brown, VP, who are dedicating their efforts in loving memory of Eli Gradon. “While we are often powerless to alter the diagnoses, the course of treatments, the seemingly unending pain, and ultimately, sometimes, even the most tragic fate of these innocent children, we, in fact, have a great power to change mere moments in their journey through illness. The Holiday Heroes presented me with an opportunity to be a positive force that can bring a smile to the lips of a suffering child even during his very darkest days,” proclaims Bess.

“About a year and a half ago, my very dear friends sadly lost their 11-year-old son after a four-year battle with cancer. During those four years I learned that a quick visit, an unexpected gift and a genuine, loving smile may be exactly what a child with cancer/illness needs at that very moment. I love that The Holiday Heroes allows me to give as much as I can, even if it isn’t the solution I wish I could provide.”

In recognition of all his efforts, The Holiday Heroes presented Bess with the Heart of a Hero award in a formal presentation at their annual gala, Heroes of the Night on Thursday, June 21.

The Holiday Heroes Los Angeles chapter will be kicking off the party season in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles on August 22 with a back-to-school themed celebration.

“This expansion means bringing joy and normalcy to more hospitalized children. With each additional child and each hospital partnership we are closer and closer to being a part of changing the hospital experience for critically, chronically, and terminally ill children,” says Bridgette Ferraro, Executive Director of The Holiday Heroes.

About The Holiday Heroes: 
The Holiday Heroes is a 501(c)3 organization which partners with hospitals, businesses, celebrities and others to give children who are hospitalized due to a critical or chronic illness, a well-needed and deserved dose of fun. Through a wide variety of themed parties and celebrations kids, their families, and caregivers some time to forget about the illnesses and medical procedures, by creating an experience that transports them to a joyous and hopeful place.

To learn more about The Holiday Heroes and how you can get involved, visit or contact Bridgette Ferraro, Executive Director via e-mail (

Bridgette Ferraro, Executive Director
The Holiday Heroes