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LOS ANGELES, CA / APRIL 26, 2017 - Optimal Fusion, a leader in digital advertising solutions, announced the rollout of a new revolutionary pricing model for media purchased through their instream native audience platform Fuze360.  This new goal-focused pricing model is groundbreaking in that ad rates are developed based on contractually guaranteed predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  By guaranteeing predefined objectives, the new pricing model is proven to substantially mitigate marketers’ risk.

This pricing model takes the advertiser’s goals into account before rates are developed, and predefined goals are contractually guaranteed prior to campaign launch.  If goals are not met for any reason, Optimal Fusion will credit back impressions to reach those goals with no questions asked.  Typically, brands and publishers will negotiate such make-goods, but with Fuze360’s dynamic pricing, these guarantees are contractual, and predefined before the campaign launch.  While goals vary, the most popular guarantees thus far range from above average click-through-rates, to specific numbers of page views, and post-click acquisitions or form fills. 

Vice President Zack Brown said, “Amazingly in 2017, we are still regularly asked for our rate card as a means to opening up a discussion with a brand for a possible campaign.  To us, the rate card was always irrelevant, the pricing is based entirely on the post impression goal as opposed to just selling an impression.  With this new pricing metric, we are working backwards from the objective, and putting our money where our mouth is by assuming all the advertisers’ risk.  If a media agency wants to back out to an effective cost per lead predefined by their client, we will guarantee they do, if the brand is looking for a minimum 1% CTR, we can guarantee that.” 

Objective based pricing was developed by Optimal Fusion to offer a minimal risk testing environment for brands to scale and fine tune their post impression goals.  With the shift towards programmatic platforms, frequently marketers are having trouble reaching the predefined goals with the scale they are promised and many times have to settle for one or the other.  While programmatic is efficient and easy to manage, Optimal Fusion’s research has shown that many brands have been forced to change their performance goals based on the current media climate and less customized approach.

CEO Joel Bess said, “While agencies like GroupM have been at this a while in terms of only paying for viewable impressions, we felt that didn’t go far enough, and that at the end of the day true performance must go further and guarantee more than just the possibility that an impression was viewed by a human.  We feel that true performance happens after the impression, even when we’re talking about branding.” 


About Optimal Fusion

Founded in 2005, Optimal Fusion is a Los Angeles based performance-driven integrated media company utilizing exclusive properties and platforms to link brands and consumers through targeted marketing solutions. Pairing proprietary audience targeting technology with first-party data, and a portfolio of proprietary properties and platforms, Optimal Fusion cultivates a brand-safe environment perfectly situated to target the most relevant

About Fuze360

Fuze360 is the recently launched signature offering from Optimal Fusion. The first-of-its-kind native-instream ad platform has effectively eliminated risk by contractually guaranteeing KPIs and backend results customized for each client in advance. In a short time, the platform has achieved unparalleled success for a wide range of small, mid-size and Fortune 500 clients including Disney, Microsoft, and Honest Company.

Fuze360 is reimaging the traditional “banner roadblock” with the ability to offer guaranteed viewability along with 100% share-of-voice instream utilizing multiple ad formats in a single execution. Fuze360 harnesses unique multi-screen ad formats, publisher tools to increase impression quality, and a whole new way to engage consumers through branded experiences.